Genee Touch

The Genee Touch is an interactive LED screen for integrated interaction. It responds to touch for annotation and application navigation and the response is more accurate as there is no space between the screen surface and the sensing responder. This allows easy operation with synchronisation between finger and cursor being almost faultless.

Genee Touch is the robust alternative to a whiteboard. The Genee Touch has all the features and working area of a whiteboard, but without the projector glare and running costs, lighting reflection or blinds being closed

Using the Genee Touch LED integrated interactive screen is simple and accurate to use by both teacher and student, so giving staff confidence to be at the front of the room showing off their work to colleagues. This precision interface is due to the advanced integrated "no space" construction between the screen surface and the sensing responder

Users have used all kinds of objects to control the screen, and it's very reassuring to know that it is virtually indestructible. Gone are the days of having to clean the projector filters, and replacing expensive failed lamps, downtime in the boardroom, classroom or classroom is a thing of the past

Plug the Genee Touch into a Windows 7 computer and you can take advantage of the new multi-touch features. Zooming in and out of photographs, maps and text becomes a direct manipulation using two fingers. Orientate and position your documents on the screen the way you want them effortlessly and quickly

Available in 32", 42", 55", 65", 70" sizes
All screens in 16:9 aspect ratio
HD ready, either 720p or 1080p

Why chose a Genee Touch LED

  1. LED
  2. Windows and Mac compatible
  3. Fault-tolerant design
  4. Anti-glare, anti-dust, which aids the use of the screen in multiple environments
  5. A much longer life, vastly improved blacks and colours, and superior when viewing in areas with a lot of ambient light when compared to LCD screens
  6. A much greener option due to lower power consumption and longer life
  7. Multi user option
  8. Support multi-touch (dual user) operation. Can zoom in/out, rotate, dual pens writing etc

NEW intergrated PC option, up to an Intel i7 processor

FREE licence of Genee Cube software, which aids educators, to create lesson plans, create templates and presentations

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